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Thanks for visiting my page! I am an archaeologist in Australia, and often when people ask me what I do they usually respond in one of four ways:

  • So, you're like Indiana Jones?

  • Do you find much gold?

  • Have you found any dinosaurs?

  • and, I always wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up!


Well, me too! This blog is my way to talk about some of the exciting things going on in archaeology, dispel some of those misconceptions, and to share some of my perspectives! It is for any and all of you that are interested in archaeology.


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The Drift of Time: 'Enjambment' as an Alternative Archaeological Conceptualisation of Time
Anuradhapura, Jetavanaramaya Dagoba by Arian Zwegers
Practicing Sustainability
Dorothy Garrod Archaeologist
Posting Up People Who Helped Shape the Archaeological Field as it Stands Today
About Me

I'm currently an Honours candidate at La Trobe University based in Melbourne, Australia. My archaeological interests encompass foodways and diet, collapse theory in archaeology, conceptualisations of time, sustainability and resilience.


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